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Visit to Prof. Ernst Fuchs in Vienna

Conversation with Prof. Ernst Fuchs

Oleg Popov is visiting his neighbor in Egloffstein

The most popular clown Oleg Popov
is opening Franks Vernissage

With his wife

With the actor Bolek Polívka

With the great actress
Jiřina Bohdalová

With the actress
Eva Holubová

Lord Eastleigh, director of Monaco Modern Art Museum
and Frank Kortan at Salon d'Automne exhibition, Paris

Lord Eastleigh and Frank Kortan in Bruxelles

Visit to Mr. Ephraim Kishon at his house
in Appenzell, Switzerland

Dr. Lisa Kishon and Michaela Kortan in Appenzell

Ephraim Kishon and his wife Lisa in front of
Ephraim Kishons portrait painted by Frank Kortan

Visit of Dr. Lisa Kishon in Franks house

Frank Kortan and Mr. Jean Amiot, the expert on
Salvador Dali and gallery owner of J.B.F. Art Paris

The art-historian Prof. Dr. Miroslav Klivar, Frank and
Michaela Kortan at the after hours party after
receiving the European Medal of Franz Kafka

Visit of Mr. Karel Gott in Franks house

Mr. Karel Gott with his portrait painted by Frank Kortan

Karel Gott and Frank Kortan with his new book

Visit to Mr. Karel Gott in his house in Prague

With the opera singer Dagmar Pecková

With the singer and music composer Michal David in Prag

Actors Jan Jiran and Jiri Labus

Mrs. Christiane Peugeot with Frank Kortan during
his exhibition in Centre Culturel Peugeot Paris

Frank Kortan, her wife and the actor Marek Vašut

Frank Kortan and movie director Juraj Jakubisko
during the ceremonial event Awarding of the
European Prize for Fine Arts

Frank Kortan and Juraj Jakubisko

Visit to the composer Zdeněk Barták in Prague

With Oscar winner, movie director
Jiri Menzel in Prague

The artist Angerer der Ältere and Frank Kortan during
a collective exhibition in Regensburg

Alexander Timofeev and Frank Kortan during
a collective exhibition in Regensburg

Frank Kortan and Mr. Karl-Friedrich Krause, the owner
of the gallery ART AFFAIR in Regensburg

Frank Kortan and his friend Oldrich Skacha,
the personal photographer for Vaclav Havel

Visit of the painter Lukas Kandl in Franks house

Frank Kortan and his friend, the graphic artist
Oldrich Kulhánek in Prague

Frank with his friend, the painter
Gian Pio Fontana in Tessin, Schweiz

The artist Viktor Safonkin and Frank Kortan
during a collective exhibition

Frank with a jazz legend Antonin Gondolan

Fashion designer Blanka Matragi and Frank Kortan

Frank with Zdenek Sverak, an actor and screenplay writer

The artist Peter Gric and Frank during a collective angel exhibition

Frank and Reinhard Schmid during a colletive exhibition in Viechtach

Siegfried Zademack and Frank during a
collective exhibition ANGE EXQUIS

Visit of the painter Wolfgang Harms in his studio

Frank and Alena Miro, Soloist of State Opera Prague

With painter and sculptor Markus Lüpertz

With fashion designer Osmany Laffitta

with a great jazz musician Jirí Stivín

Frank Kortan with the actor Ladislav Chudík

Mathilde Countess of Nostitz-Rieneck with Frank Kortan

with painter Adolf Born

Frank Kortan with The Rosenberg Trio in Grimaud, France

Frank Kortan and the author Juan Braun

Frank Kortan, Michaela Kortan and Goran Bregovic, composer and musician

Frank Kortan with Goran Bregovic in Karlsbad

Soundtrack composer & Conductor Varhan
Orchestrovic Bauer and Conductor Juraj Filas

with his favorite movie director Emir Kusturica

Frank Kortan with the actor Miroslav Donutil

Frank Kortan with diretor of photography Jan Malír

Frank with artist Reinaldo Eckenberger in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil

Frank and his friend Monty at home