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It's highly gratifying to see that there still exist artists such as Frank Kortan, who have tasted from the elixir of Emperor Rudolph II and, in the spirit of the noble art of Mannerism, keep presenting its mastery to our contemporaries' eyes; the mastery that had already seemed extinct but that is essential to create magnificent paintings in the style of the old masters. May his works open the eyes of all those who have become blind through pointless art so that they are able to understand the language of paintings again.
Prof. Ernst Fuchs
Monaco, 16.04.2003
In the blur of our time, in which the beauty and the art have been dutifully eliminated from les beaux arts, some artists continue, with courage and saintly tenacity, to paint in the spirit and with the skill of the Old Masters, though each in his own individual style. The portrait that Frank, in his inimitable mastery, has painted of me and for me, is the best one that I have ever seen - including those that I catch sight of in the bathroom mirror. I have often talked to myself, but never before have words failed me. The picture says it all. The painter has recognised me. There can be no greater compliment.
Ephraim Kishon
Appenzell/Switzerland, November 2004

What is art?
I think art is an experiment as well, whether it is theater, circus or painting. I have had many artist friends throughout my whole life, including painters of different styles of art. Some include portraitists, landscape painters, abstract painters and many others. One day I was asked to open an exhibition of the artist Frank Kortan, a painter of Surrealism and Fantastic Realism. This was the first time for me that I came closer into contact with this style and I must say since that time, I am fascinated by Franks art. "Like a jeweler" he is carefully working out every detail. His subjects are highly diverse, always interesting and imaginative. I wish Frank continued success and much pleasure at his work.

Oleg Konstantinovic Popov
Egloffstein, May 2015